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Robitussin 12 Hour Cough Relief

Your cough is a TERRIBLE friend that you can't get rid of. It constantly interrupts you, begging you to pay attention. Robitussin is how you switch your cough to "do not disturb" mode so that it'll shut up for a while.

Instagram story ads

Print Ads

Half-pages with $3-off coupons are already a part of Robitussin media spend, encouraging customers to give Robitussin a try.

End Aisle Display

Placed in grocery and drug stores during flu season, these would feature Robitussin + eye catching “leave me alone so I can get better” merchandise.

Package Redesign

To make Robitussin stand out among cough syrups, a packaging redesign was essential.

Bottle design

In each box: Robitussin boxes will contain a vinyl sticker with a code on the back paper that can be redeemed for a free piece of merch from


Customers can redeem their code for free merchandise, check out the whole collection, and get 12-hour cough relief all in one spot.

Art Direction, Copywriting + Ideation: Dominique Angelo and Laura Panthofer

Awards: 2021 ADDYs Judges Choice Award / (4) Silver Student ADDYs for Packaging, Magazine Advertising Campaign, Social Media Campaign, Integrated Advertising Consumer Campaign / Bronze Student ADDY for Copywriting

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